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Der Gourner Pastry Shop

"The Gourner" derives from the ancient Walser dialect, and together they mean "The Monte Rosa." It's precisely beneath the massive Monte Rosa range, on the Valsesia side, where our story begins in June 2021. It marks the encounter of two historical families of the valley and the inception of a project: to bring to life a place that embodies tradition, quality products, and the flavors of the mountains...

Artisanal Products

"Only top-quality raw materials, a continuous search for processing techniques, experience, and experimentation form the basis of our production philosophy.

"Not your usual pastry shop!"

Every production process is meticulously crafted by hand to maintain the authenticity of flavors from times past, yet with all the hallmarks of contemporary pastry-making, offering our customers sweet and savory products with a unique and refined taste, featuring various textures, shapes, and colors.

Let's not forget our "Gourmet Coffee Bar." In our establishment, you can savor a selection of specialty coffee products crafted by Der Gourner baristas, perfectly complementing our range of sweet treats!"

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Der Gourner

Piazza Rolandi 2, Alagna Valsesia 13021 Vercelli